GDPR Questionnaire - Are you compliant?

How long has it been since you started your GDPR project?

I haven't started yet
Less than six months
Within 6-12 months
For at least a year

Does your business involve the collection and processing of personal data?

I do not know what personal data is
Perhaps, I'm not sure
Yes, I manage personal data
No, I do not manage personal data

Have you identified the personal data in your files, databases or e-mail solutions?

This was completed more than six months ago
I'm not sure
I have not planned to do it yet
I do not have the tools to do it
This task has just been completed
This task has just been started

Do you have effective security within your IT Systems (breaches, messaging, backup, ransomware ...)?

I'm not sure
I know we have weaknesses
I am rather comfortable on this subject
I have ISO 27001 certification or equivalent

Is the data on mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets) and removable media of your employees encrypted?

I'm not sure
Partly, for sensitive users

Have you carried out an audit of vulnerabilities of your IT systems?

Yes, within the last three months
Yes within the last six months
Yes, within the last year
It is not applicable

Have you appointed a Data Protection Officer in your organisation?

This is not relevant to us
Yes, in the last 12 months
Yes, in the last six months
Yes, in the last three months
I don't know

Do your business applications that process personal data protect privacy?

Yes systematically
This isn't relevant to my area

Have you implemented procedures relating to the collection of personal data (express consent), the right to be forgotten and data portability?

This area is not relevant to me
Yes, partly
Yes, for all my processes
Not yet, but I plan to do it
It is in progress
I don't know

Have you checked the subcontractors to whom you entrust personal data are in compliance with the GDPR?

This area does not concern me
I don't have sub-contractors
I have started the task of evaluation
I have not started the evaluation work yet
I'm not sure
Yes, I reviewed all my contracts